A Monthly meet up group for all interested and focused on blockchain, crypto currencies, and distributed ledger technology in the Bay area.

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Attend our events and hear from leaders on a monthly basis to talk about specific blockchain topics: technology, go-to-market strategies, case studies, regulatory changes and other factors impacting development of the industry. Join women and men from all industries (e.g. energy, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, crypto, financial services) and geographic regions in the future of blockchain!


Highlight your company on our Sponsors page. Before the event, share your company via our email and social channels. You can share particular links you want us to point people to (e.g. let people know you're hiring).

At an event, sponsor a table where you can provide materials from your company and have a dedicated space to speak to people.

During an event, speak about your company’s goals and value in the blockchain industry. Each event is live streamed and recorded.

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