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Join us for part 2 of our Pilot to Production Series August 28th, 2019



Blockchain Pilot to Production: Consumer Goods, Real Estate, and Healthcare.

To continue our series on Blockchain Pilot to Production, we’ll take a deeper look at companies using the blockchain to track transactions and assets. We’ll hear from entrepreneurs and advisors in Healthcare, Real Estate and Consumer Brands on their journeys pilot to production. We’ll discuss the industry specific issues, organizational alignment, and partner and customer communication needed to make blockchain deployments successful. Thank you to our sponsor for this event, Target!


Join us August 28th, 2019 from 6-9pm.

Location: Target Open House

115 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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About our speakers:


Daisy Ozim

Daisy is a founding director of the Blockchain for Social Justice collective. A platform designed to promote education and access of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for marginalized communities. Daisy has worked to support the inclusion of women in the blockchain ecosystem through her tireless advocacy efforts and is now working on statewide efforts to establish blockchain policy and education for policy and economic development organizations. She is an advocate for self-care and wellness for women experiencing burnout in the tech space and has spoken at conferences such as Tech Intersections, Youth, Tech and Health, DISCON and more.


Teresa Grobecker

Teresa is a CEO of two portfolio companies and an equity partner at USCG. Teresa is CEO of Real Estate Consortia (REC) which has the patent pending blockchain title token for every piece of real estate in the United States. REC is part of National Association of Realtors REACH 2019. Teresa founded Grobecker Holland International, the first online real estate brokerage in San Francisco, in 2012. In June 2018, Teresa merged GHI into US Capital Global, an investment bank where she also performs investment banking duties. 


Cecily Mak

Cecily Mak is a Venture Partner with ConsenSys, a global blockchain technology company building the infrastructure, applications, and practices to enable a decentralized world, where she performs a blend of operations, strategic partnerships, and start-up strategy and relations work.  She previously served as Chief Business and Legal Officer at Flipboard (2012-2018) and SVP & General Counsel at Rhapsody/Napster (2004-2012). She has been teaching Digital Media Law at UC Hastings since 2006 and also serves as an advisory board member/CEO coach to several media and technology start-ups around the world.

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Past Events

May Event

Proof of HAPPY HOUR!

Proof of Happy Hour is an event to celebrate Consensus 2019 in NYC!  May 14th, 2019

Our community joined Kadena, Republic, Quantstamp, and Blockchain by Women at Haswell Green's and experienced the old-time New York atmosphere. Set right in the heart of the theatre district, we enjoyed an evening with appetizers and an open bar connecting with teams and other Blockchain enthusiast within the space. A BIG thanks to everyone who joined! Cheers to a successful event! 🥂🍾

2019-06-03 10.22.21.jpg
At Haswell Green’s during #NYBlockchainWeek

At Haswell Green’s during #NYBlockchainWeek

March Event

What’s working? What’s not?

You've heard the blockchain buzz and potential of smart contracts. What is actually working? What still needs work? 

Blockchain entrepeneurs and experts shared how they developed their respective companies and got adoption. Thank you to our panelists sharing their insight: Alexa Beaver, leads BASF’s Blockchain Lab, Allison Berke, Executive Director of the Stanford Cyber Initiative, Saritta Jones, CEO of Trustabit, and Olga Mack, VP of Strategy at Quantstamp.

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February Event

Blockchain in Energy Use Cases and Projects

Karen Hsu, co-founder of Blockchain By Women, kicked off the event by giving us an overview of the current market trends moving from centralized to decentralized, with DERs penetration. She shared a P2P transaction test example for enabling distributed energy markets and facilitating increased penetration of DER in the retail utility market.

On our panelist, we heard from Lydia Kreft on how they're using the blockchain to give people using EV charging stations the credits they are due based on time of day of charging and other factors. Sherry Li, from GE, gave her perspective on the blockchain opportunity in Energy, while Rena Shah shared with us her experience using the blockchain to address energy crises during national disasters in California and other parts of the U.S. View the livestream here.

Resources on topics of discussion: 

Thank you to our sponsors K&L Gates and GE.

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January event

Why blockchain in 2019

We started off the new year with fresh perspectives of promising blockchain/cryptocurrency companies and projects in the face of new regulation. We heard from Lily Liu (co-founder of Earn.com) about the exciting projects and companies she has been working with, investment trends and criteria for a good investment strategy. Michelle Sabins, SVP at Silvergate, shared about the companies Silvergate has banked, their path to IPO and why they continue to focus on digital currencies since 2013. We got great insight from Wendy Walker at Sovos on taxes and tax considerations with her experience in tax compliance and business-to-government reporting software. Monica Quaintance, leading engineering and adoption at Kadena, and Jeremy McLaughlin, Attorney at K&L Gates LLP, brought their respective insights on the blockchain industry and trends they are seeing in the blockchain space.

Thank you to our sponsors: Blockchain Capital, BlockCypher, Kadena, Silvergate Bank, and Protocol Labs.

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